Floor Cleaning

Foot Traffic Takes a Toll on Floors

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Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home. The cleaner it is, the better you’ll feel about showing it off. Santana Cleaning Services will take care of high-traffic areas, including the kitchen and bathroom. Our floor cleaning services are used by Marietta, Georgia homeowners and business owners. We want you to make a fantastic first impression, so we work hard to eliminate grit and grime.

Call 770-896-3187 to discuss your residential or commercial cleaning needs. We can:

• Maintain the shine and beauty of your hardwood floors
• Prolong the life and look of your carpets and rugs
• Mop, vacuum and sweep each room of your house

3 Tips for Optimizing Carpet Cleanliness

Perhaps your dogs shed all over the ornamental carpet. Or maybe your children leave a trail of Cheerios throughout the house. Don’t worry. Santana is on the job. Here are three tips we keep in mind when cleaning Marietta floors:

• Dabbing and blotting stains is essential – don’t rub dirt into carpet fibers: simply use a damp cloth to sponge up the mess.
• Freeze gum with ice cubes – frozen gum is easier to pull out of the carpet. Wait about 30 seconds before using a spoon to scoop up residue.
• Vacuum carpets at least once a week – your family and friends can track chemicals, debris and food particles throughout your house.

For more information about Marietta, Georgia’s preferred cleaning service, contact Santana today!